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Install Smile on BigCommerce with Stencil
Install Smile on BigCommerce with Stencil

How to install the launcher/button on BigCommerce with Stencil

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If you are on BigCommerce and using the Stencil theme platform, you can now easily add the launcher to your theme with the click of a button. This is also beneficial when you've recently switched themes and need to re-add Smile to your theme.

How to install the rewards launcher on BigCommerce with Stencil

Step 1

Go to the Settings > Platform section of your Smile Admin. Click "Show launcher details" next to the app.

Step 2

Once you are in the edit view of the BigCommerce app, click " Apply Smile " to add the launcher to your theme.

Once you've made your changes, your customers will be able to see your program launcher on your storefront.

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