Smile apps/integrations are only available on a Smile paid plan, on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

Here's what we're covering:

  • What Mailchimp is

  • How to install the Mailchimp app

  • Syncing Smile information to Mailchimp

  • How to add a campaign list in Smile

  • How to add program member information to an email campaign

Mailchimp is an email marketing app that allows you to manage contacts, send emails, and track results for your online store.

The Mailchimp Smile app allows you to:

  • Sync your rewards program member information with your Mailchimp account

  • Segment campaign lists based on rewards program information

  • Use personalized rewards info in your email communication

How to install the Mailchimp app

Step 1

Navigate to the Apps section of Smile and select the Mailchimp app from the listing.

Step 2

Connect Smile to your Mailchimp account. Once you login you will automatically be redirected back to Smile to complete the setup.

Step 3

Choose a list you would like Smile information to be synced to.

Benefits of the Mailchimp and Smile app

Create a segmented list

This app allows you to create segments of contacts based on Smile reward information. Segments can be created based on any of the following properties:

  • Customer points balances

  • Customer referral URLs

  • Customer states (membership in program)

  • VIP tier names

  • VIP tier IDs

📝 Pro Tip:

Learn more about creating a new list in Mailchimp in the Mailchimp knowledge base.

Add reward information to an email campaign

When you are building out a new template, add a text box and select Merge Tags to add Smile reward information to the template.

These tags will pull that customers specific value if it is known.

💖 We'd love your feedback!

If you have any ideas about other information you would like to sync with Mailchimp, please send your feedback to support@smile.ioand let us know why this information is important for your rewards program.

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