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Switch from Shopify Product Reviews

How to replace Shopify Product Reviews with a supported Smile App

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Smile will no longer be supporting rewarding customers for posting reviews using Shopify Product Reviews. This means, that if you are using Shopify Product Reviews to award points to customers for reviews they leave at your store, it will be necessary to migrate to another app for review purposes.


Why was support for Shopify Product Reviews discontinued?

Rewarding for Shopify Product Reviews does not achieve the high standards we have for the customer or merchant experience. Shopify Product Reviews is built in a way that makes it impossible to reliably reward for this action, and we want to make sure that merchants and customers are having the most delightful and easiest experience using our app.

What other app options do I have for product reviews?

Luckily, Smile is integrated with a number of great app replacements so you can still reward your customers for their reviews!


Loox is a great solution for photo reviews. Collect photo reviews from your customers, strengthen your brand and boost sales with strong social proof.

Product & site reviews (with photo/video) and Q&A.


Capture powerful customer content including product ratings and reviews, customer photos, videos, questions & answers and comments.

Any of these partner apps are also happy to assist in the migration process!

Deleting Shopify Product Reviews

To delete Shopify Product Reviews, simply go to your Points > Action section on your Smile dashboard.

From there, you'll be able to scroll down and delete the action:

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our team!

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