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Shop for Good by DailyKarma and Smile
Shop for Good by DailyKarma and Smile

How to install and use Shop for Good by DailyKarma with Smile to reward customers for donating to charitable causes

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Shop for Good by DailyKarma allows you to align your give back initiatives with your marketing and sales goals and show your customers you support the causes they care about. This helps to support a good cause, build brand loyalty and increase sales at the same time.

Smile apps/integrations are only available on a Smile paid plan, on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.


What does Shop for Good by DailyKarma do?

  • Use existing buyer behaviors to drive sales and raise money for charity. Customers can donate to your selected nonprofit(s) directly in the purchase flow.

  • Respond to what's happening in the world with real-time, easy to launch social good campaigns.

  • Launch an ongoing series of charitable campaigns with minimal work from your tech team, no legal headaches, and no accounting burden.

How to integrate the Shop for Good by DailyKarma app

1. Log in to your Smile account and your Shopify store as the store owner.

2. Go to the Integrations page in Smile Admin and click on the DailyKarma icon in the Do right by your customers section.

3. Click “Connect” and it will prompt you to log into your Shopify store if you haven’t already:

3. Authorize the integration:

4. Once you click Authorize, the integration will be completed.

Configuring Shop for Good by DailyKarma

1. Log into your Dashboard and go to Program>Points>Add ways to earn:

2. This will prompt a pop-up displaying options for adding ways to earn. Scroll down to the Smile Apps section, and see the options for Shop for Good by DailyKarma. You can decide here whether you'd like your customers to earn points for making a donation, rounding up their purchase, or donation tiers.

3. Click on each option to configure how many rewards points you would like customers to receive for their donation.

4. Once you have completed configuration, the options will appear in the Smile panel

5. Shop for Good by DailyKarma recommends that you note in your Shop for Good widget that customers will receive points when they donate to campaigns through your store.

6. Once a customer has donated and completed a checkout, you will be able to see their points in their account. You will be able to see what customers have earned via donations, as well as their points balance in the Customers section in Smile.

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