Combine or stack rewards

Allow your customers to combine or stack Smile reward codes with themselves or other discounts on your store

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Discount combinations allow your customers to use Smile rewards in conjunction with other discounts on your store; or use multiple Smile discounts on the same order.

Learn about Shopify's discount combination capabilities here.

Note: Adding a second discount outside of the checkout replaces the initial code instead of adding the new one. Customers will need to add the additional discounts to their orders at checkout.

Set up discount combinations

  1. Navigate to: Smile Admin → Program → Points → Ways to redeem

  2. Click "Edit"

  3. Configure the options accordingly

Combination settings are applied to rewards redeemed after the combination settings were enabled.

⚠️ Points redemptions without purchase

If offering combinable discounts, ensure the points cost of each reward cannot be accrued by completing pre-purchase points activities.

Some loyalty configurations allow customers to earn enough points for a reward without making a purchase, such as by offering:

  • sign up points

  • social like/follow points

Some customers might try to combine these entry-level discounts between accounts in order to create more valuable discounts.

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