Manually cancel a redeemed reward

Here's what we're covering:

  • How to manually cancel a reward when a customer redeems it by accident
  • When customers change their minds about a reward, or accidentally redeems a reward that they don't want - there currently isn't an 'Undo' button in our system to give back the customer their points, and remove the reward from the customer's profile (We're working on this though!). This guide will walk you through how to manually cancel a redeemed reward. 

    Deactivate the discount code

    1. Go to Customers in your Smile Admin - then open the profile for the customer that you are working with. 

    2. Click the 'Rewards' tab in this customer's profile 

    3 .Copy the code that you would like to deactivate

    4. Search the coupon code in your eCommerce platform

    • If you are on Shopify - look up the discount code in Shopify > Discounts 
    • If you are on BigCommerce - look up the discount code in BigCommerce > Marketing > Coupon Codes 

    5. Deactivate the code

    • If you are on Shopify - check off the code that you would like to deactivate, click 'Actions' > 'Disable discount codes'

    • If you are on BigCommerce - check off the code that you would like to deactivate - then click the 'Trash Can' icon

     Add points back to the customer's account

    Once the code has been deactivated - the customer will no longer be able to use it in a purchase! 

    You can now re-award the points that was spent on the reward to the customer. 

    1. Locate the customer in the Customers section of your Smile Admin.

    2. Click Adjust balance on the customer's profile. This is located under the Points heading on the right-hand side.

    3. In the Points adjustment field, enter the number of points that your customer spent on the reward. You can also add internal note, customer-facing notes, or both, to help you keep track of why the adjustment was.

    4. Click Adjust points to update the customer's points balance.

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