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How to integrate the rewards program with the Shopify app Shopify Flow

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Shopify Flow is an app provided to Shopify merchants that allows them to perform actions based on trigger events. This article will explain what Shopify flow enables your Smile rewards program to do, and how you can use Smile with Shopify flow.

This integration is only available for merchants who have access to Shopify Flow

This feature is only available for Shopify merchants on one of our paid plans


Using Smile and Shopify Flow

With Smile you can use Flow to trigger the awarding of points within Smile. Some examples of this would be awarding bonus points for:

  • Orders over a certain amount

  • A customer's 5th purchase

  • Specific high value products

How to integrate Shopify Flow into your Smile rewards program

Check out this Video Tutorial:

Getting Started by setting up a flow reward in three steps:

Create a flow action in Smile Admin

1. In Smile Admin go to Settings > Platform

2. In your Shopify settings find the Shopify Flow actions card - this will only be visible to Shopify Plus merchants

3. Select Create Flow action

4. Choose the trigger type: Order paid is used to generate rewards when someone places an order; Customer created would be used when a customer's profile is first created.

5. Fill out your action title and then create your Flow action. 🚀

Building the flow in Shopify

1. Open your Shopify admin in a new browser tab.

2. Go to Apps > Shopify Flow

3. In Flow select the Create workflow button

4. Select a trigger that matches the Trigger type of your action in Smile (this will be either Customer created, or Order paid).

5. Set your customer conditions ( Example: Customer order count is equal to 5).

6. Once your customer conditions are set Click Select action and select Send Smile activity from the available list of actions

7. Copy the Activity type code from within Smile Admin

8. Paste this code into the Activity type field in your Shopify flow

9. Set your trigger type (either Customer Id or Order Id) using Shopify flow template variables. Your Shopify flow should now look something like this:

Once you've finished setting up your conditions and actions, save your flow in Shopify

We recommend giving your flow the same name as the Action name you created in Smile (Example: Place 5th order)

Create an earning rule that this flow will trigger

⚠️ Warning: If you do not complete this step your flow will not work and no actions will trigger.

In Smile Admin select Next and you'll be prompted to Create an earning action

Select Create earning rule

You should now see a new earning action with the same name as the flow you've created. Click Add ways to earn and continue to set up that earning action

Once you have finished creating your earning rule go to Shopify and enable your workflow if you have not done so already

That's it! your workflow will now automatically execute with the earning rule that you've set up. In the case of the example here, any customer who places 5 orders will receive bonus points. ✨

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