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Hubspot and Smile

How to install and use Hubspot with Smile for email marketing

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HubSpot is a marketing and sales software that can help you manage your online store. The HubSpot Smile app integration allows you to automatically synchronize rewards data to help filter contact lists in HubSpot. This makes it easy to send specific messages to those customers who have earned a specific amount of points or participate in one of your VIP tiers or create many other loyalty related segments.
βœ… Smile apps/integrations are only available on a Smile paid plan, on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.


How to install the HubSpot app.

Step 1: Navigate to the Apps section of Smile and select the HubSpot app from the listing.

Step 2: Click on Connect to HubSpot and select Grant access to allow the app to sync your data between the two accounts.

Once you have granted access, it will bring you back to your Smile Admin.

Click Sync customer data to start syncing your Smile data to Hubspot.

Benefits of the HubSpot and Smile app integration

Create a segmented list

This app allows you to create segments of contacts based on Smile reward information. Segments can be created based on any of the following properties:

  • Customer points balances

  • Customer referral URLs

  • VIP tier names

  • VIP tier IDs

πŸ“‹ Note: the first data sync can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. This depends on how many customers you have in your program. If a customer doesn't already exist in Hubspot, they will be created through the data sync.

In HubSpot, you can create a unique Smile program members list using the properties that are synced in our integration.

πŸ“‹ Note: you must be on HubSpot's Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan to create a list.

When you are creating a new list in HubSpot, give your list a name so that you can easily identify this specific group of customers.

πŸ“ Pro Tip: Choose the Smart list option so that your list will update continuously based on your program's rules.

Select the Contact Property option and search for the Smile property you would like to use for your list. If you would like a list of all your program members who have points, search for Smile Points Balance. If you want to know how many customers are in a specific VIP tier, search for Smile VIP Tier Name.

When you've found the Smile property you'd like to use, select is greater than or equal to and enter 1. This will generate a list of customers that have 1 or more points in your rewards program.

When you're happy with your list, click Done and Save to have HubSpot start processing your list.

Filtering HubSpot lists

When you are managing your customers in HubSpot, you have the option to filter your contacts by program member information.

On the Contacts page of your HubSpot Admin, click the "Add filter" link found on the left-hand side.

In the filter list, search for Smile to bring up the different ways you can filter your contacts according to your program's data.

Select the rewards data you would like to filter your list by and fill in the necessary fields. Click Apply Filter to view all contacts who fit the prescribed criteria.

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