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The different components of a Smile referral program:

Your referral program's Activity page allows you to see which customers made and received referrals, and the status of the referrals. You can also cancel referrals from here. (Program > Activity > Referrals)

📋 Note:
To view the referral activities - please go to Programs > Activity - and look under the 'Referrals' section!

📋 Note for BigCommerce Users:
Smile completes referrals based on the first order made by the friend in a referral. It's worth noting that BigCommerce will create duplicate orders and only complete the second one if the customer navigates away from billing, either to go back in the checkout flow or even if payment is declined. This first order that does not complete will be considered an 'Incomplete' order and we won't be able to complete the referral because of this. When this happens - we recommend manually awarding the advocate with the advocate reward.

A Smile referral program is made up of 3 distinct parts:

1. Rewards

The Rewards page is where you can edit and set your Advocate (referring customer) and Friend (referred friend) rewards. You can also see how many times each of these rewards have been redeemed.

2. Social Sharing

Sharing Options is where you can set up your referral channels and website's referral message metadata.

✅ Unlock all available Sharing Option features on a Smile paid plan.

3. Settings

This is where you can add a referral landing page URL, a custom referral domain, as well as enable or disable your referral program!

✅ Custom domains are available on our Enterprise plan.

📋 Note: To allow guests to participate in your referral program you will need to enable our new Customer Accounts setting.

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