Smile apps/integrations are only available on a Smile paid plan, on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

Here's what we're covering:

  • Video tutorial

  • What Klaviyo is

  • How to install the Klaviyo app

  • Syncing Smile information to Klaviyo

  • How to create a "program members" segment in Klaviyo

  • How to add program member information to an email campaign

Klaviyo is an email marketing app that will help you target, personalize, and measure results for your online store.

The Klaviyo Smile app allows you to:

  • Sync your rewards program member information with your Klaviyo account

  • Segment campaign lists based on rewards program information

  • Manage personalized information for each customer in your rewards program

How to install the Klaivyo app

Step 1

Navigate to the Apps section of Smile and select the Klaviyo app from the listing.

Step 2

Add your Klaviyo API key to sync data between the two systems.

📝 Pro Tip:

You can click the "Get my API Key" link to be taken to the page in Klaviyo where you find this key.

If you don't have an API key, learn how to create one in the Klaviyo knowledge base.

Please use a "private" API key when connecting.

Step 3

After you have added your API key, you will be shown which rewards program properties will be synced to Klaviyo.

Click "Sync customer data" to begin the data sync.

Note: All member accounts in Smile will be added to Klaviyo as part of this sync

Benefits of the Klaviyo and Smile app

This app integration allows you to create segments of contacts based on Smile reward information.

Segments can be created based on any of the following properties:

  • Smile points balances

  • Smile referral URLs

  • Smile state (membership in program)

  • Smile VIP tier names

  • Smile VIP tier IDs

📝 Pro Tip:

Give your segment a name that allows you to easily identify this specific group of customers.

Add reward information to an email campaign

When you create a new email campaign in Klaviyo, you have the option to add your program information to your campaign.

To do that, select a text box in your Klaviyo email campaign template and click Insert Property.

The drop down menu that appears will show you all of the rewards program information that was synced with the Klaviyo Smile app.

When you have selected the program information you'd like to add, you're all set to continue building the rest of your email campaign.

Testing Smile variables in Klaviyo:
The Smile variables will not show up in the 'previews' or 'test emails' in Klaviyo currently! In order to test the variables, you'll want to create an actual email. Here's how -

1. Create a test account for yourself on your store so that you are a member of the rewards program

2. Create a campaign in Klaviyo, and make the recipient list just yourself

3. Send the email to this list, & check that the email you receive has the Smile data included properly.
4. You're all set!

💖 We'd love your feedback!

If you have any ideas about other information you would like to sync with Klaviyo, please send your feedback to support@smile.ioand let us know why this information is important for your rewards program.

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