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Unhide Shopify customer accounts
Unhide Shopify customer accounts

How to allow customers to join the rewards program by enabling customer account creation in Shopify admin

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By default, customer accounts are hidden when you create a new Shopify store. Making customer accounts available is necessary for the rewards program. A shopper's ability to create an account is critical in their journey to points redemption.

This article will guide you on how to access the customer accounts in Shopify, and explain Smile's behavior with classic customer accounts and new customer accounts.

Customer account settings are unavailable for merchants on the Shopify Starter plan.

To edit your customer account settings:

Click here to open your store’s customer account settings or navigate to Settings > Customer accounts from your Shopify admin.

In the account experience section, Select Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout. This is the easiest way to give customers access to creating an account. This will add a link to your site’s header where customers will be able to log in or register. On many themes, including Shopify’s Dawn theme, this will look like a person icon 👤

You'll also see new options appear for which version of customer accounts you would like to use.

  • Classic customer accounts - This gives your customers a traditional login and registration experience.

  • New customer accounts - This gives your customer a streamlined, passwordless experience that is dependent on a verification code sent from Shopify.

    • 📋 Note - If you use New customer accounts - your customers will not be able to earn Sign up points as Shopify does not create an actual 'Account' for customers who signs up/signs in using their passwordless login

If you opt for classic accounts, customers are redirected to a separate account creation page, typically located at where they'll still be able to view the Smile launcher.

With the new customer accounts, customers can log in without a password. When a customer enters their email address, they receive an email with a one-time, 6-digit code that they need to enter to login. When they log in for the first time, their customer account is created automatically.

From here they will be redirected to a different account page, which comes with a few limitations - it does not support any applications, social login, and no liquid customizations (no custom styling, no additional fields, etc.) As a result, customers will not be able to see their rewards info on this page. They will only be able to access the Smile launcher on your site after clicking on the Go to store button.

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