This article will provide the steps on how to configure participation in your program - which will allow all customers (including customers who do not have accounts) to earn points on their orders, refer their friends to your store, and earn VIP perks.

This feature is only available for merchants on Shopify and Wix

📋 Note: "Guest Referrals" settings have been combined into the new program participant setting. If you previously used "Guest Referrals" you will need to enable All customers in Program participants to continue to allow guest customers to participate in your referral program.


How to enable program participation

How program participation Works

How to disable guest participation

How to enable program participation

Step 1: Login to Smile Admin. Head over to Settings > Program Participants

Step 2: Click 'All customers' and click 'Save'. You can toggle the setting on or off at any point.

How program participation without a customer account works

Allowing program participation without requiring a customer account can expand the reach of your program. Here is how this works for your Points, Referral and VIP programs.


  • All customers on your store will start earning points on orders, even those who do not create an account with an email and password. They will receive our brand new points earned email. (The layout can be viewed here.)

  • Customers will still need to create an account to earn welcome, social, or review points.

  • Customers will still need to create an account to spend points.


  • All customers on your store will have a unique referral link they can share with their friends.

  • If a customer does not have an account at your store, they will receive an on-site message on the order 'thank you' page with their referral link to share.


  • When you first turn program participation on to include all customers and your program has VIP enabled, all of these customers without existing accounts will be placed into VIP tiers. They will not receive entry rewards or emails on this initial placement.

  • Guest customers will continue to earn any entry rewards and be sent any emails you have enabled as they move up tiers (after the initial placement).

VIP is available on Smile Professional plans and above

How to disable program participation for customers without accounts

Step 1: Login to Smile admin. Head over to Settings > Program Participation

Step 2: Click 'Customers need an account to earn points' and click 'Save'

⚠️ Warning: If you disable all customer participation, customers without accounts will no longer earn points on orders, their referral links will show as expired, and they will lose their VIP placement. Any previously earned rewards or points will remain in their account for the customer to use.

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