✅ This feature is only available on our Enterprise Plan.
📝 This feature is not currently available on the Wix platform.

Here's what we're covering:

• How to create custom activities for your Rewards Program.

Custom activities allow you to reward customers for completing an action that you define.

They are built with the Smile API which allows you to dictate what activity Smile should be looking for. When that action is completed, your customers will be rewarded accordingly.

Note: If you are on the Enterprise plan and would like to build custom activities into your program, please contact your Account Manager to get access to our developer docs.

How to build & manage a custom activity with Smile

Note: building custom activities requires some technical know-how, so this feature will require a developer. Developer services are not provided by Smile.

To add a custom activity to your rewards program, select Developer Tools from your Settings menu.

Click " Add a custom activity" and fill in the required fields.

Click Save to activate your custom activity.

Once you save this it will generate the code snippet. This is what your developer(s) will need to use in order to reward a customer when they perform the custom activity on your website.

After your custom activity is created, you will be able to add it as a new earning action (way to earn) and customize it as you would any other rule.

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