As of September 3, 2019, Smile uses the subscription settings from the eCommerce platform to determine who to send promotional emails. This means that your customers will only receive emails they want to receive, and none that they don't!

Here's what we're covering:

  • What's changed?

  • When is consent collected?

  • Does Smile update this field?

  • What about existing customers?

What's changed?

Previously, all emails we sent on your behalf were transactional (whenever a customer earned points, spend points, referred a friend, etc.). As a result, we did not use your customer's marketing consent (sometimes called the accepts marketing property) in your eCommerce platform to decide when to send them.

As we want to help you build a stronger community around your brand, we now offer marketing emails, allowing you to announce various campaigns to your customers! Since these emails fall under the marketing category, we want to respect your customers' wishes and only contact those who want to be in the know about your promotions. :) This allows you to be more successful with your rewards program and entice those who are truly part of your community!

Consent is collected when your customer creates an account on your site, or when they place an order.

By default, Shopify only collects this when a customer places an order but you can update your sign up form to collect this too by following this guide.

Similarly, BigCommerce also only shows this in the checkout by default, but you can also enable an option to collect this in the footer.

Does Smile update this field?

On Shopify, yes! If a customer unsubscribes from promotional emails in the Smile unsubscribe flow, we'll also update this in your Shopify customer profile.

On BigCommerce, we cannot update this, so customers will need to unsubscribe from your newsletters separately.

What about existing customers?

For all customer profiles created September 3, 2019 or later, we'll automatically import your settings from your eCommerce platform. If the customer was created before September 3, 2019, we'll update their preferences the next time they place an order on your store. Customers can also update their preferences at any time by opening any email from Smile, and clicking on Manage my preferences.

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