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Add referral landing page

How to direct users with referral links to a custom landing page

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How to set a referral landing page

By default, your referral landing page is set to your website's homepage. This allows new customers to get to know your brand and what you sell.

While this is a great place to start, customer referrals are more effective when the person being referred sees something valuable/relevant right away.

πŸ“ Pro Tip

Product, catalog, and "learn more" pages are all excellent places to send new customer referrals because they focus on the unique value your store can provide.

You can customize your referral landing page by going to Referrals > Settings:

Note: Please be sure to include the full URL including the protocol (https://). If you don't include this, the referral URLs will not work. Also - please make sure that this URL is from within your Store.

Once you've saved your changes, all referred customers will be directed to the page you've indicated.

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