Step 1: Reward Senders and Receivers equally.

The world's best referral programs reward both new and returning customers for participating. However, a referral program that doesn't reward both sides equally is more likely to suffer poor engagement rates.

By rewarding your Senders and Receivers in the same way (such as $10 off for each person), you not only make your referral program easier to understand but also increase the sense of shared value. This makes it more attractive to new customers and encourages existing customers to help spread the word about your program.

📝 Pro Tip:

Update your referral rewards and monitor in Smile Analytics to see the change in Completed Referrals.

Step 2: Use a branded referral message.

Your referral message is a fantastic way to expand your marketing reach, especially if you brand it properly! Customized messaging not only increases the trust new customers have in your referral link, but also improves the odds of customers engaging with it.

You can easily brand your referral messages in a number of ways:

  • Include your logo in the share image

  • Use images that show what you sell

  • Tell the Receiver what's in it for them

  • Use words like "I" and "My"

  • Keep it current

Each of these small changes can have a huge impact on a customer's desire to share your referral message.

Every brand impression matters, so make sure that each referral your customers share keeps the focus on your business.

📝 Pro Tip:

A well crafted referral message has a big impact, so give it the attention it deserves!

Step 3: Make sure your best customers know about it.

No one's more qualified to use your referral program than your best customers. With an interest in your brand, your most loyal customers are already your best advocates. That means you should be mobilizing them with your referral program!

You can promote your referral program with emails by:

  • Designing a campaign that targets your best customers

  • Describing how your program works

  • Letting customers know how they can participate

  • Showing customers what they can earn by participating.

Each of these emails will get them excited about earning more rewards and give them the knowledge they need to start spreading the word.

You can supplement referral email campaigns with:

  • On-site calls-to-action

  • A dedicated program page

  • Social media marketing

📝 Pro Tip:

If you're on Shopify/BigCommerce and are on the Starter plan or above, you can easily put together an amazing referral marketing campaign by linking your existing email service provider with Smile Apps.

Currently - App integrations are not available on the Wix platform.

Tried everything above? Reach out to your account manager or visit our blog and Resource Center for more tips, tricks, and advice.

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