Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) are two terms used to describe a set of functionality aimed at software developers to extend an existing product or integrate two or more products together.

✏️ Note: This feature is not currently available for the Wix platform.

Here's what we're covering:

Extending Smile with the API

Merchants often want to extend Smile to provide their customers with a unique and streamlined experience. From embedding loyalty, rewards or customer information directly on your site to creating custom activities the Smile API unlocks these capabilities to supercharge your program.

Front end development

Modifying the Smile UI, controlling rewarding behaviour with Smile.js, opening specific parts of the Smile Panel with Deep Links, or embedding customer, loyalty or rewards data directly on your site to give a personalized experience are described and implemented by this component of the Smile API and SDK.

There are several examples of using the API to extend Smile that can be found in the related article below about taking advantage of the Enterprise Plan functionality.

Custom activities

Smile lets you reward for virtually any action your customers perform while engaging with your brand. Here are some common actions we think are great for rewarding:

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Blog post visit

  • Watching a video

  • Filling out a survey

  • Voting on new product colors

  • ...

Integrating your application with Smile

📝 Note: You can apply to build an app integration at

📝 Note: Webhooks are not available as a feature for merchants. This is only available for our 3rd party app partners who would like to integrate their app with Smile.

The Smile API allows you to add features and functionality to Smile that is specific to your product/app. For example, adding a new activity type for product reviews, or creating webhooks to sync customer points data with your product.

There are two areas of functionality you can add to your app:

  • Create a new activity type to allow merchants to reward their customers in more ways

  • Create a webhook to notify your application any time a customer is updated on a Smile account


If the API and Smile SDK is something you are interested in or if you have questions about what you can do with the API please contact us at to learn more.

If you are a development agency looking to add super powers to your merchants websites, reach out to to connect with one of our team.

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