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Learn about look and feel customization options for branding a rewards program available on the Smile Free plan

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This guide goes over the options for customizing the look and feel of your rewards program on the Smile Free plan. If you're on any of our paid plans, you can take advantage of Advanced Branding options. Check out our Paid plan branding guide!



On the free plan, you have the option to hide the launcher on your mobile site. To do this, go to Branding > Theme > Visibility, and check Hide on mobile


On the free plan, you can choose to have the launcher on the bottom left or right corner of your website - as well as change the spacing settings for the launcher on Desktop.

This can be done in Branding > Theme > Placement

βœ… To change the spacing settings for the launcher on mobile - you'll need to upgrade to the a paid plan.


You can choose the colors that you want for your background and font by going to Branding > Theme > Colors

You can either use the color selection tool or enter HTML color codes to choose your color.

Program Name

πŸ“ Pro Tip: If you are looking to change your currency name - please go to Points > Settings > Points Branding. If you are looking to change your store name - please go to Settings > General > Name of Store.

To change the name of your rewards program, go to Branding > Panel

Enter your program name in the field. Then click Save.

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