Connecting your in-store POS with your online rewards program gives you additional ways to reward your most loyal customers. There are a number of differences between your points program's POS and online experience. In this article we will explore the differences in how customers join, earn and redeem points in-store using Shopify POS compared to the online experience.

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Joining the rewards program

Earning points in-store

Spending points in-store

Joining the rewards program

If you attach an email to a purchase using Shopify POS, your customer will automatically be added as a member to your program.

They will:

  • Earn points on orders associated with that email

  • Move through VIP tiers based on dollars or points earned

  • Need to create an account on your on-line store using that same email in order to complete other actions (e.g. sign up points, social sharing) and earn online rewards.

📋 Note: Your customer will become a member if they make a POS purchase and provide an email, but they will not receive any 'sign up' points. They'll need to create an account online to earn the signup points.

Earning points in-store

In order to award points to your POS and online customers, you need to set up a 'place an order' earning action.

This rule can both be set up and managed in the Points section of your program, by clicking 'Add ways to earn'. This 'Place an order' earning action that you add will be auto applied for your POS store as well, as long as you have the correct setting selected in 'Settings' > 'Platform' > 'Order Settings':

📋 Note: If you've been with Smile for a few years - or you have more than one earning rule added due to VIP - your POS setup may be a bit different. You'll have to create a POS-specific earning rule instead. Please reach out to our team ( if you're unsure if you have this setup correctly.

Spending points in-store

In order for your POS customers to be able to spend their points in store and online, you need to set up both online and POS-specific rewards.

These rules can both be set up and managed in the Rewards section of your program, by clicking 'Add ways to redeem'. Learn more here: Setup POS specific rewards.

Note that the 'program participation' settings do not apply to Shopify POS. Customers will have to be 'members' before they can spend their points on POS rewards.

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