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How to invoice for new merchants you have referred to Smile
How to invoice for new merchants you have referred to Smile

This article is for agencies looking to invoice and collect their reward for referring new merchants to Smile

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Thank you for referring new merchants to Smile! For agencies who refer new paying merchants to Smile, they can choose to pass their referral reward on to their client or collect payment following the process outlined in this article.
Agencies must follow the same process for referring a new merchant to Smile as is outlined here in order for invoices to be approved.


How frequently you can claim your rewards

Please send invoices for your rewards claim no more than once per quarter.

Unclaimed rewards

Agencies must claim their rewards within 12 months of the merchant subscribing to Smile. Since rewards only qualify to be distributed after 3 months, agencies have 9 additional months to claim their reward. After this time has passed, the agency forfeits entitlement to the rewards.

Invoice details

All invoices must include:

​Referral details: The referred merchant's store URL, a contact name, and an email address for the merchant

​The monthly plan fee: If you do not know what plan or amount your client pays for Smile, you can contact us at or message us using the in-app messenger to verify.

​Instructions on how to remit payment to you: Please include your Paypal or ACH payment details

How to submit your invoice

To submit your invoice, please send to Once received, our billing team will verify the details. If approved for payment, we will issue payment within 60 days. If not approved for payment, you will be notified.

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