Supported browsers and devices

For the best experience, Smile UI, Smile Admin, and Smile for Shopify POS are supported on the following browsers and devices.

Desktop browsers

  • Safari - latest two releases for Mac
  • Chrome - latest three releases for Mac and PC
  • Firefox - latest three releases for Mac and PC
  • Edge - latest two releases for PC
  • Internet Explorer - IE 11 only for PC

Mobile browsers

  • Mobile Safari - latest two releases for iOS
  • Chrome Mobile - latest three releases for Android and iOS
  • Samsung Internet - latest two releases for Android

Mobile devices

  • Apple iPad - latest two releases of iOS
  • Android Tablet - latest two releases of Android

Note: A release refers to the latest major version of a browser or device. For example, the latest two releases of Safari might be 10.x.x and 11.x.x, for iOS, this might be iOS 11.x.x or iOS 12.x.x.

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