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How to install and use with Smile for product reviews

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Introduction allows you to reward your customers for leaving product reviews. When a customer completes a purchase, they will get an email asking them to leave a product review. They can choose to enter their review on your site or straight in the email. Once it’s written, their review will appear on the product page in your store.
βœ… Smile apps/integrations are only available on a Smile paid plan, on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

πŸ“‹ Note: Customers are required to be Verified Buyers in order to earn points for their reviews. Learn more here.


What is

The integration with Smile allows you to:

  • Reward customers for reviewing your products

  • Reward customers for adding photos or videos to their product review

  • Reward customers for completing a net promoter score review

How to install the Stamped app

On the Apps page of your Smile Admin, select the app from the listings.

Click Connect

You will then be prompted to authorize Stamped to read customers and manage activities. Click Authorize to link your Stamped account to Smile.

How customers earn points for reviews with the Stamped app

Once the Stamped app is connected to your Smile account, you need to set up the Stamped earning action.

You can create an earning rule for:

  • Uploading a photo

  • Uploading a video

  • Writing a review

  • Sharing a review

  • Writing a net promoter score review

The process for creating these earning rules are identical. For the purpose of this article, we will be using the Write a review earning action.

Go to the Actions page of your Points program and click Add Ways to Earn.

Scroll down to find the Smile Apps section. Click the Stamped Write a Review option.

Enter the number of points you would like customers to earn for leaving a review and click Create.

Once the action is created, you have the option to set an Earning limit and other Customer eligibility conditions. This will help you ensure that every review customers are leaving is legitimate.

If you have any ideas about other information you would like to sync with, please send your feedback to and let the team know why this information is important for your rewards program.

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