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  • How to find your total customer count from Shopify

Note: this tutorial is only applicable to Shopify merchants.

If you are wondering which Smile paid plan is right for your store, you need to know how many registered customer accounts you have.

To find your full list of customers, go to the Customers page of your Shopify Admin.

You then need to create a Filter for your active customers.

From the drop down menus, select “Show all customers where: Account Status is Enabled".

Click Add filter. This gives you a list of all your active customer accounts.

If you want to count the total number of customers, select Export. You’ll be met with a pop up window, where you want to export "customers matching search" in a CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs.

When this is downloaded, you'll be able to count the number of registered customer accounts you have by counting the number of rows generated.

This number will be your total customer accounts.

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