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Improve performance with analytics
Improve performance with analytics

Gain insights from detailed customer metrics to improve program performance

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Smile performance analytics are best used to show where to give your program a bit more attention to help build your amazing customer community. πŸ™Œ

βœ… This feature is available on the Starter plan and up


Monitoring performance analytics can help determine what marketing is needed at what times in your program to boost engagement and program effectiveness. This can not only help grow your community, but also keep current program members engaged, and encourage inactive members to come back as well!

Program members

Program Members analytics outlines how many members are being added to your rewards program over a specific amount of time. There are a few ways you can increase the number of members joining your program:

  1. Utilize sign-up bonus points to incentivize customers to join

  2. Have a good balance between earning and spending rules - new customers should be able to redeem for your lowest reward after their first or second purchase if they complete all of your non-purchase related earning actions!

  3. Run an email campaign that outlines your rewards program and send this to customers without a store account. Your CTA can link directly to your customer registration page!

  4. Incorporate a double sign-up bonus points promotion. You can run this promotion along side an email campaign!

Points analytics

Points analytics provide a high level summary of how your points program is performing.

Sales Influenced is the sum of every customer checkout that includes a Smile code. Points outstanding refers to the total number of unused points for the sum of all program members. Redemption rate is the percentage of total points that have been redeemed over all members.

To influence points outstanding:

  1. Make sure your lowest reward is attainable with your "Make an order" earning rule after 3-4 orders with your average order value or AOV (not including your non-purchase actions)

  2. Customers may not know they have enough points to redeem for a reward - run a bonus points redemption campaign!

To influence your redemption rate:

  1. Make sure your "Make an order" earning rule is in line with your AOV to reward customers with your lowest reward after 3-4 orders (not including your non-purchase actions)

  2. Run a bonus points promotional campaign to encourage customers to earn more points for a reward!

Referral analytics

Referral analytics provide a high level summary of how your referral program is performing.

Referred sales in this view references the sum of revenue from customers (both Advocates and Friends in the referral program) and the total amount of ad spend saved. Referral traffic refers to the number of customers who have visited your store through referral URLs. Referral purchases refer to the number of purchases completed through the referral program.

πŸ“ Smile Pro Tip:
We recommend giving equal rewards to Advocate and Friend. This is easy for both parties to understand and rewards them both equally for a completed referral!

To influence how your referral program is performing, we recommend running a referral email campaign. This campaign should outline the referral flow to your program members:

  1. Program members (Advocates) share their unique referral URL with their friends.

  2. Their friend clicks the referral link and inputs their email address into the Smile panel.

  3. Their friend completes an order with their "Friend reward".

  4. The advocate is rewarded for a completed referral!

Your referral campaign CTA can link directly to your homepage via Deep Links

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