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How to exclude a customer group from the program with Shopify Tags or BigCommerce Customer Groups

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There may be situations where you do not want a customer to participate in your loyalty and rewards program. Common examples are wholesalers or influencers who are engaged with your brand in other ways than the traditional customer. Using Shopify Tags you can exclude those individuals from earning points and redeeming for rewards.

βœ… This feature is only available on a Smile Growth plan or above.

βœ… This feature is only available for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants

How to make customers with certain tags not eligible for your rewards program

Go to Settings > Platform > Customer Settings > Click Edit

Write the Shopify customer tag (paying attention to spelling and capitalization) that you wish to exclude, and press Add. When you've finished adding the tags you want excluded press Save.

If you use BigCommerce - use the dropdown to select the customer group that you would like to exclude from your rewards program.

πŸ“‹ Note: Tags are case-sensitive please enter the tags exactly as how they are entered in Shopify. For example, if you enter "Wholesale" in Shopify, and "wholesale" in your Smile Customer settings - the customers will not be excluded.

πŸ“‹ Note: These exclusions should only be made for customers who you're rewarding in other ways, like wholesaler discounts. Your goal with a rewards program should be to get as many customers as possible to join and start earning rewards.

Once a customer is excluded:

When a customer is excluded from your program:

  • they will no longer be able to earn points for completing actions at your store

  • their referral link will no longer be active or usable

  • they will not be able to see your program's Launcher on your site after logging into their account

Excluded customers may still see Smile content if any embedded content has been added to your site. Our support team can help you through code changes to ensure this content is hidden.

πŸ“‹ Note: If an excluded customer is not logged into their store account, they will still be able to see your program Launcher.

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