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How to change your program language:

Go to Settings > Language.

In the 'Program language' section - use the dropdown to select your program language.

Click Save.

📝 Note: Currently the language options we offer are English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. Please reach out to the support team if you'd like to be added to the feature request list of another language.

What gets translated?

Any of the default system text in the rewards panel

Things that cannot be translated automatically:

Essentially - any text they have customized will not be translated. Including:

  • Your points branding (points currency)

  • Any edited/customized customer notification text (If a field in any template has been edited - it will not be translated automatically)

  • Any historical customer data — eg. redeemed rewards (this includes their names, usage instructions and terms and conditions)

  • Any VIP tiers that were created before the language change

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