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How to change the loyalty program currency

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Smile defaults to using United States Dollars (USD). You can change this currency as well as how the currency is displayed in the General Settings section of the Smile Admin.

⚠️ Warning: BigCommerce currently is not able to support coupon codes using multiple currencies - this is also the case for BigCommerce merchants who do not use Smile.

Changing the currency of your loyalty program

Within Smile Admin, go to Settings > General > Store Details > Store currency / Currency display type

Once you have selected your desired currency, click save in the upper right corner.

πŸ“‹ Note: The currency display type options will not change until you have saved the store currency.

Adjusting rewards to match intent

The most effective programs provide one point for every dollar spent. Depending on your currency this may or may not be appropriate. To account for your currency you may want to adjust your earning actions and rewards values to ensure you are not losing money with your program. In some cases this may mean that your customers earn and spend millions of points β€” which could lead to some promotion and creative opportunities to entice them to engage with your program.

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