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Export customers from Smile

How to download your customer data from Smile

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Being able to get at your customer data, whether that's to provide bulk updates to points balances or to analyze their loyalty data to better target your marketing efforts, is key to supercharging your initiatives.


How to export customers lists from Smile

Exporting customers from Smile can be done by navigating to the Customers section of your Smile Admin. You will see the Export customers link at the top of the page.

The default is to export ALL customers from the system and the data will be exported as a CSV file that will be emailed to the email address associated with your Smile account.

You can also choose to download it directly in-app by clicking Download CSV.

πŸ“ Pro Tip: You can also export customer activity data from your points, referral, and VIP programs using the Export button on each program's Activity page.

How to create customer segments by filtering

You can also filter the customer list to create segments of your customer base. Suppose you want to send an email campaign to all customers who have not joined your program, or all customers who have earned more than 1,000 points, or all customers who are in the Bronze tier of your VIP program.

To create a filter, click or tap on the Filter dropdown at the top of the customers table. Choose the type of filter you would like to apply and the values associated with that filter as appropriate.

When you export a filtered list your export dialog will give you the option to only export those customers matching your filter(s).

If your customer list is already filtered you can easily identify, and remove, specific filters by clicking or tapping on the X beside that filter value.

Once again, exports will be stored in a CSV file and emailed to the email address associated with your Smile account.

Data included in the CSV file

The CSV file that you receive in your email will contain the following columns of information:

First Name, Last Name, Email, State, Date Of Birth, Points Balance, Referral Url, Completed Referrals Count, Vip Tier Name

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