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Referral program performance explained
Referral program performance explained

Understand the metrics in the Referral analytics dashboard

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This article will cover what metrics are in the referral program performance dashboard, how each metric is calculated and what they mean in regards to the performance of your program. βœ… This feature is available on the Starter plan and up.


What is the Referrals dashboard?

The Referral analytics dashboard gives you a quick look at some of your most important referral metrics.

Here you can see:

  • How much revenue your rewards program is generating for you

  • How much referral traffic is coming through

  • How much you are saving on ad spend

All-time totals

This section shows you totals for the entire life of your program. Each value is a total from the time you installed to today.

Referred Sales

What it is: the all-time dollar value of all purchases that were made with a Smile referral link, the ongoing purchases of customers whose first purchase was through a Smile referral link, and the ad spend saved to acquire those site visitors.

Note: Orders using a gift card reward will not be counted in this metric.

Why it matters: this metric shows you the value provided to your business from referrals as a dollar figure.

Referral traffic

What it is: the all-time total number of visits to your site from your program's referral links.

Why it matters: this is traffic you have brought to your site without having to pay for it through traditional advertising channels.

Referred orders

What it is: shows the all-time total number of orders made by customers who were referred through Smile. This includes repeat orders from those who came through a referral link.

Why it matters: this is the number of orders you have been able to generate as a direct result of your referral program.

Metric cards

These cards show you a summary of how different areas of your referral program have performed based on the filter period you have set.

Revenue from referred customers

What is it: shows the total order value (in dollars) from referred customers. This includes all purchases from customers whose initial purchase was through a Smile referral.

You can choose to view these results for the past 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days.

Why it matters: this chart is a great way to determine the effects of recent referral marketing efforts. Are referred customers making purchases and sticking around?

Referral traffic

What it is: shows the traffic from referral URL clicks over time, and the value generated on a cost-per-click basis. Each time someone lands on your site from a Smile referral link, it is counted in this number. The amount of visits is then multiplied by how much that customer would have cost you to acquire through traditional advertising methods.

You can customize the value to measure against in your Account Settings.

Why it matters: this is the top of the funnel for your referral conversions. The amount of traffic is an indication of how compelling your referral messaging is, as well as how motivated your members are to share their unique referral link.

Referrals completed

What it is: shows how many orders were placed by referred customers. The number of orders is broken into first time customers and repeat purchases.

Why it matters: this helps you understand whether your referral program is effectively building a community of repeat customers that choose to shop with you again and again.

Referral conversion rate

What it is: shows you the percentage of customers who made their first purchase at your store after being referred by a friend.

Why it matters: this is extremely informative when paired with the Referral traffic chart. If your traffic is super high but your conversion rate is not, you should consider tweaking your Friend reward and Referral share message.

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