Sending email notifications is an important part of your rewards program success. However, we also want to be mindful of sending too many emails to customers when they don't wish to receive them. This can cause your customers to feel spammed. Because of this, we offer your customers the option to manage their email preferences at any time.


How customers can unsubscribe

Types of emails

Can I remove the address at the bottom?

How customers can unsubscribe from emails sent from Smile

If your customers no longer wish to receive email notifications sent through Smile, they can easily manage their email preferences to opt out of any future email communications.

Each email notification that is sent from Smile on your behalf includes a Manage my preferences link where they can choose which emails they’d like to receive.

Once they’ve clicked on the Manage my email preferences link they’ll be directed to our unsubscribe page. Here they’ll have the choice to unsubscribe from confirmation emails, reminder emails, or promotional emails.

Once they’ve clicked Save preferences, they will see a message that lets them know that their preferences have been updated and they will no longer receive email notifications that are sent n your behalf from Smile.

📋 Note: If a customer unsubscribes from confirmation or reminder notifications Smile sends on your behalf, this will not automatically unsubscribe them from other email communication you may be sending from another email service provider. If a customer unsubscribes from promotional emails, this will update their future subscription status for other marketing communications on Shopify only.

Types of emails

Confirmation emails are sent when customers complete an action in your rewards program, including:

  • Earning points

  • Redeeming a reward

  • Referring a friend

  • Receiving a referral reward code from an advocate

  • Receiving a reward for a completed referral

  • VIP tier entry email

Reminder emails are sent when a customer received a scheduled reward or when a reward is close to expiring, including:

  • Points expiry warning email

  • Points expiry last chance email

  • Earned birthday points

📝 Pro Tip: We’ll automatically populate your logo and your button style from your Smile UI settings on your unsubscribe page for you to ensure seamless customer experience.

Can I remove the "Sent by on behalf of (store name)" at the bottom?

No, at this time it's not possible to remove our company name from the bottom of the emails that send to your customers. This is to adhere to CASL in Canada and CAN-SPAM in the USA.

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