This tutorial will go over how a customer can earn points using Shopify POS.

Note: this tutorial is only applicable to Shopify merchants.✅

1. When a customer is making a purchase Select customer to add your customer to the order:

2. Once you've added your customer to the order, you'll be able to see their customers current points balance.

When the purchase is completed, the points balance will reflect the 'Place an Order' earning rule you've set up under Points Ways to Earn.

📋 Note:
In order for this to work, please ensure that you have the Order settings for POS setup properly in Settings Platform

First-time customers in-store

If a customer is making a purchase for the first time you will need to add them as a new customer.

1. Click the '+' symbol in the top left corner and select Add customer.

2. You can then enter the customer details to create an account for the order.

📋 Note:
If they want to use their points online in the future, be sure to collect their email address so that when they create an account online, it will connect with their POS account.

Sign up points

On Shopify POS, a customer will not be able to earn points for signing up until they create an account online. If a customer creates a POS account first, and then signs up online with an email and password, they will be awarded sign up points.

📋 Note:
Purchases made via POS will not automatically connect to the online instance of your store. In order to link the POS and online accounts, a customer needs to sign up with an email and password at your online store. Otherwise the POS purchases and online will not connect with one another.

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