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3 steps to build the best points program
3 steps to build the best points program

How to set up your points program

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This article will outline 3 steps with some great basic tips to use for building out the best Smile points program.


Step 1: Set up a variety of ways customers can earn points.

The best points programs make it easy for customers to engage by providing a variety of ways to earn rewards. These can be setup through Points > Ways to earn > Add ways to earn

You can choose to reward customers for a variety of valuable actions, including:

  • Setting up an account (also known as welcome points)

  • Sharing their birthday with you (birthday points)

  • Making a purchase

  • Engaging with your store on social media

  • And more!

📝 Smile Pro Tip: Choose earning actions that reflect who your customers are to increase the chances of them engaging on an ongoing basis.

The number of points customers earn for each of these actions and the number of times they can be rewarded for them is also extremely important.

Offering too little will result in customers becoming frustrated with your program, while offering too many points for less significant actions could result in a difficult to manage program for you. Finding a balance is key!

Use the following ways to earn to keep your program valuable for both you and your customers.

Step 2: Diversify the ways customers can redeem points.

Customers love having choices, and offering a number of different ways to redeem points is the perfect way to satisfy that desire. The rewards can be setup through Points > Ways to redeem > Add ways to redeem.

The following are all great ways you can diversify your rewards portfolio:

  • Fixed discounts (dollars off)

  • Percentage discounts

  • Free product

  • Free shipping

You can also offer experiential rewards that highlight what makes your brand special. Rewards like invitations to special events or the opportunity to vote on new products are great ways to remind your customers why they prefer your brand over your competitors.

📝 Smile Pro Tip: Like your earning actions, you should choose rewards based on what your customers are looking for. Offer them rewards catered to what they’re looking for in your brand.

When it comes to redeeming points, you also need to determine how many points each reward is worth. This ratio should be easy to understand and calculate in order to help customers see the value of your program.

Use the following discount Rewards to keep your program easy to understand:

To calculate extra spending rewards, we recommend using the equation 100 points = $1 of the reward value.

Step 3: Set up your program's branding.

Your program’s customer Panel is the best way to polish up your points program. ✨

By customizing your Theme, Panel and Launcher you can offer your customers a rewards experience that’s on-brand, consistent, and more fun to engage with!

📝 Smile Pro Tip: use brand photography and logos to make your program immediately recognizable to your customers. 📸

You can also change your program and currency names to reflect what makes your brand unique.

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