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How to customize the message shared by the referring customer

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When a customer shares a referral with their friends, you may want to customize the message that automatically gets sent out. In this article we'll explain how you can customize your referral social share message.


How to customize referral metadata

Most social media platforms are able to display an image and description with your program's referral links. This information is taken directly from your store's metadata, and can be customized within the Smile app.

In the Social Sharing section on the of your Referral program, you have the option to customize the following metadata elements:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Image

How to customize referral share messages

You can begin editing any of the referral share messages by checking the box labeled Customize card message and display.


This title will be displayed on any social referral channel you choose to use, and will encourage referred customers to engage with the referral link.

πŸ“ Smile Pro Tip: Use referral variables to make your referral message more personal.

You can find these variables in the Sharing options section.


The description will give referred customers more information about the value your referral program is offering.

πŸ“ Smile Pro Tip: Tell new customers what the reward is up front - that makes your program's value even easier to see and understand!


Your social referral image allows you to visually connect your rewards program to the rest of your store, delivering a cohesive branded experience.

Which referral channels support customized messages


Facebook does not allow your to set a custom referral message. When a customer shares their referral link, they will have the option to add a custom message to your referral metadata themselves.


X allows you to customize the referral message if you'd like.


Mobile messengers do not allow you to set a custom referral message. When a customer shares their referral link, your referral metadata will be used.

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