It's important to know how your customers will interact with the rewards program! This article covers how you can make the most of Smile's features in order to create a great customer experience. Check out our 5 minute video tutorial, or scroll down to learn more.

The Smile Launcher

Your customer's journey begins with the Smile launcher. This button allows your customers to access their rewards, earn points, and share your store with their friends. The launcher is visible on every page of your website so customers can interact with their rewards without interrupting their buying journey.

You can customize the text on your launcher to grab your customers' attention. You can also change its visibility and placement.

an image of someones store website with the smile launcher button on the bottom left side

Program Cards

The Smile panel has many cards that encourage your customers to join, engage with, and share your rewards program. Customers with accounts can log in to earn points, redeem rewards, refer their friends, and more! Customers without accounts can learn about the perks of your program before they sign up.

You can give your program a stellar name to align with your brand.

a close up of the smile panel opened up on someones website with a banner image of champagne and the Join Now button

How customers earn points

To see ways they can earn points, a customer simply needs to click "Ways to Earn" in the points card:

An image of the smile panel opened on the website

Your customers can then choose from the earning actions you've set in your Points section under Earning.

A GIF image scrolling through the different hypothetical ways to earn

How customers redeem for a reward

To see the rewards from the points program, a customer simply needs to click "All rewards" in the points card:

Your customers can then choose to redeem from the spending rules you've set in your Points section under Rewards.

How customers send referrals

Your customer refers their friends by sending their unique referral URL. They can copy / paste their URL, share it through a variety of social platforms, or email it to friends and family.

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