Using different icons for each of your tiers can add exclusive element to your VIP program! You can use this icon in your marketing if you want to drive interest to the VIP program!

✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan.

How to customize icons for VIP

Select the tier you'd like to customize from the Tiers page of your VIP Program. Click on the tier that you would like to edit to enter the customization page.

You can upload your custom icon in the Tier icon field found in the Display section of each of your VIP tiers.

📝 Pro Tip
Design icons that are related to your tier names to create a consistent VIP experience.
Make sure that the icon that you are uploading is 90px by 90px

Once you've saved your changes, your customers will be able to see the custom icon you've uploaded for that action in your Smile customer panel.

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