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Change rewards launcher/button look and feel
Change rewards launcher/button look and feel

How to customize the rewards launcher/button colour, shape, icon and layout

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The Smile Launcher is the first interaction your customers will have with the rewards you're offering and our best performing programs ensure that customers can easily discover, join and engage with it.


You can customize your Launcher layout, icon, text, placement, color and shape to make sure you build an incredible first impression.

πŸ“‹ Note: It may take up to 15 minutes to see the effects of changes to your Smile launcher. This is because we cache your previous settings to optimize load speed.

Choosing your Launcher layout

You can choose between three different Launcher layouts for your program:

  • An icon with text

  • An icon only

  • Text only

Select the Launcher layout you think will work best on your site in the Launcher section of your Display.

As you navigate through different Launcher layouts, you can check out what they will look like on your site in the preview area on the right. Once you've saved your layout choice, it will be reflected on your site.

πŸ“ Pro Tip: Think about how you want your customers to recognize your rewards program. Do you want to highlight a fun program name, a distinct icon or both? Use your Launcher to make a memorable first impression with your brand community.

Choosing a Launcher icon

Your Launcher icon is going to be one of the most unique ways to make your program memorable and recognizable. A Launcher icon can be added in the Launcher section of your Display.

You can choose from our set of default icons, or make it your own by adding in a custom icon.

To add a custom icon, select Add Image to upload an image from your computer. Once you’re happy with your Launcher layout and your icon, save your changes.

βœ… Custom icons are only available on a Smile paid plan.

Changing your Launcher color

Your Launcher color can be changed in the Theme section of your Display.

Use the drop-down menus to select which color you'd like to apply to your Launcher and Launcher text.

πŸ“ Pro Tip: Choose a Launcher color that offers good contrast to the other elements of your site so it is easy for customers to see and interact with.

Changing your Launcher shape

Your Launcher shape can be changed in the Theme section of your Display.

Use the drop-down menus to select your Launcher shape.

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