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How to manually adjust a customer's VIP tier

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Placing a customer into a higher VIP tier can be a powerful way for you to to turn a negative customer experience into a positive one. Maybe you've just started your VIP Program and want to reward previously loyal customers. Maybe you want to move a customer up who might not spend a lot, but is valuable in other ways.


✅ This feature is available on the Growth plan and above

✅. This feature is not available for merchants using the WIX platform

Adjusting VIP tier for a single customer

To adjust an individual customer’s VIP tier, head over to the Customers section of your Smile Admin. Click on the customer whose VIP tier you’d like to change.

Once you’ve opened up the customer detail card, click Change tier.

Using the VIP drop-down menu, choose the new tier you’d like to place the customer into and then click Change tier to confirm. You can also include an internal note to explain the reason for manually adjusting their tier.

Once you’ve successfully changed their tier, your customer will:

  • Receive any entry rewards associated with that tier.

  • Be notified of the tier change through email, if you’ve enabled email notifications.

  • See the new tier reflected when they log into the customer panel.

Adjusting VIP tiers for multiple customers

Head to the Customers section of your Smile Admin. Then select Adjust VIP tiers from the Adjust customers drop-down menu at the top.

You’ll be prompted to load a CSV file that contains a list of customer emails and the VIP tier they should be placed in. The VIP tier will have to entered exactly the same as how you've entered it in your VIP program settings. This self is case-sensitive. Not sure how to format your CSV file? You can download a sample template to use when importing customer tiers. Make sure that the column titles are exactly: email and vip_tier for the CSV import to work.

After you’ve loaded your file, click Import tiers to confirm.

📋 Note: Importing customer tiers will only adjust the tiers of existing members who are being moved into a higher tier.

Learn more about adding your customers to Smile in this article.

📋 Note: If you've never launched (activated) your VIP program, you will not see the effects of your tier import right away. Once you activate your VIP program, customers will be placed into tiers based on your previous import(s). Customers will not be notified when you activate your VIP program.

When adjusting multiple customers’ VIP tiers at once, your customer will not:

  • Receive any entry rewards associated with that tier

  • Be notified of the tier change through email

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