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Configure customer account creation in WIX
Configure customer account creation in WIX

How to use the Members Area to enable customers to sign up for accounts on the WIX platform; Why WIX customers aren't showing up in Smile

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Once you've installed Smile on your WIX store, you may notice an absence of the Create Account button on the panel that is typical to other platforms.

This means instead of seeing an account creation button that instructs the user to Create An Account You will see instructions to create an account: Login or create a store account to start earning rewards. In order to login or create a store account, you will need to ensure your store has a Members Area.

Once you've added the Members Area (see below) your customers should be able to sign in or create an account via a login link on the header of your site. Once the account is created, the customer will be able to interact with the panel and begin to earn and redeem their points.



How does the Members Area work?

On WIX sites customers will need to create accounts via the Members Area. This is an area on WIX sites that allows your customers to create and login to accounts on your site. If you do not have a Members Area (this appears as a log in link on the header of your site) you will need to follow the instructions from WIX to add the members area to your site.

Which customers get synced over to Smile?

Smile currently only syncs WIX customers who have placed an order, or creates an account after you installed Smile. This is because WIX's current Contacts API does not tell us if the customer is a member or not, so we're only able to get this information from actual orders that have been placed.

This means that when you first install Smile - not all customers that exist in WIX will appear in Smile. However, as soon as they login to their accounts on your store, or make a purchase - they'll get synced over and earn points accordingly. 🚀

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