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Features available for Wix Stores
Features available for Wix Stores

Full feature list of everything that Smile offers on the Wix eCommerce platform.

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Smile's integration with the eCommerce platform Wix is unique. The feature set is specific to the Wix platform and this article will cover everything that is offered on each of the plans.

Free Plan Features:

These are all the features available in the Free Plan for Wix users:

Premium Plan Features:

In addition to the features from the Free Plan, these are all the features available in the Premium Plan for Wix users ($49/mo):

📝 Smile Tip: The Premium Plan for Smile is included for one year with an annual subscription to the Wix Business VIP Plan.

Features Not Available on Wix

Every eCommerce platform is built differently to serve different merchants and different purposes.

At Smile, we do our best to make a product that can work for as many merchants across the globe to help develop loyalty in their stores on various platforms. Unfortunately, this does mean that features built first for one platform aren’t always able to switch over to a platform that was designed differently.

We do our best to develop the most impactful features with full functionality. This means that if we can’t get a feature to fully function on a new platform, then we don’t offer it.

For those reasons, here is a list of features that Smile cannot currently offer on Wix:

  • The VIP Program

  • Earning action:

    • Sign-up Points

  • Rewards:

    • Free Product Reward

    • Free Shipping (one-time)

  • Nudges

  • API Access

  • App Integrations

  • Customization of Order Status Behavior

⚠️ Note: is only compatible with Wix Stores. It is not currently compatible with Wix Booking, Wix Restaurants, or Wix Pricing Plans.

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