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Getting started with Smile on Wix
Getting started with Smile on Wix

Getting started using on your Wix store

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πŸ“‹ Note: is compatible with Wix stores. It is not currently compatible with Wix Booking, Wix Restaurants or Wix pricing plans.


If you are using the Wix platform, this article will go over what the integration between and Wix has to offer, as well as a summary of how it works.
Check out our video tutorial here:

Customer experience

Smile functions as a pop-up that lives in the corner of your screen. We do this to reduce friction and increase access throughout the buying journey. To access this widget, a customer will simply click on it, and the panel will pop open. Most components of the panel itself are customizable, and you can edit the branding to match your needs.
In order to join your rewards program customers must click on the account page on your Wix store and sign up via the Members Area. Once logged in, the panel will change and display their account information, such as points balance, the ways to earn and redeem points that you have configured (such as the points they earn for placing an order, social media points, and birthday points), as well as their individual referral URL.
​Merchant experience
Smile Admin is where merchants can control all aspects of the application. You can configure the ways to earn and redeem that your customers will interact with. In admin you can also configure your referral program, and program branding to match your store.
​Wix Pricing plans

Smile plans are based on features. There are no contracts, so you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you choose.
The Free plan is made for entrepreneurs. There are enough tools here to start your loyalty program, and build your community. The Free plan comes with the points program and basic branding, as well as naming your points and program.

The Premium plan is $49 USD/month and has a more advanced feature set for scaling businesses with a bigger tool set. The Premium plan offers a referral program, advanced branding (to change pictures, text and icons) points and rewards expiry, advanced analytics and all customer program participation.

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