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Create collection specific rewards
Create collection specific rewards

How to make rewards applicable to specific collections

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On occasion you may wish to encourage customers to use their redeemed rewards on specific collections of items in your store. This can be anything from a brand name item, items you are motivated to sell quickly or a group of items you do not wish to discount.

βœ… This feature is only available for merchants on Shopify

How to create specific collection rewards in Shopify:

With the creation of one specific collection that's what how you can allow customers to use rewards on specific items that may exist within different collections that you have created in Shopify.

  1. First, create the collection of items you wish to exclude in Shopify by following their tutorial.

  2. Go to your Smile dashboard > Program > Points and go to your Ways to redeem> View all ways to redeem

  3. Here, you'll want to select the reward and choose the collection the reward will be applicable on. Click Save and you're all set! πŸŽ‰

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