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How to add a reward to your points program

Customers always appreciate more ways to spend their points with your store. Thankfully, it's extremely easy to add more!

To add a new reward to your points program, click the "Add ways to redeem" button in your Points page.

Select the reward you'd like to add.

Fill in the required fields to complete the spending action setup.

You can:

  • Have the reward be applicable to one collection only, using the 'Applies to' section (✅ NOTE - this feature is available to Shopify merchants only)

  • Add a minimum purchase amount in the 'Minimum requirement' section

  • Add a Discount code prefix in the 'Discount Code' section

Note: fields may differ based on the reward selected.

Click Save to create your reward.

Once the reward is created, customers will be able to see it in in your customer panel.

📋 Note:
if you also use ShopifyPOS - the rewards that you've added will apply to the POS orders as well. Just make sure to check your Order Settings (Settings > Platform > Order Settings)

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