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Send notifications through Klaviyo
Send notifications through Klaviyo

How to send Customer Notification Emails with your Klaviyo account.

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Introduction’s integration with Klaviyo allows you to send all of your reward program emails directly through your own Klaviyo account, giving you maximum customizability and visibility into engagement numbers, like open and clickthrough rates.

With the Klaviyo integration installed, you'll be able to send the following customer emails directly from within Klaviyo using events.

Smile customer email name

Corresponding Klaviyo event

Points earned

Points Earned on Order

Reward redeemed

Points Redeemed

Birthday reward

Birthday Reward Issued

Points Expiry - Warning

Points Expiring

Points Expiry - Last Chance

Points Expiring

Friend received referral

Referral Started

Referral completed

Referral Completed

VIP tier achieved

VIP Tier Achieved

Reward expiry reminder

Reward Expiring

📋 Note: Check out how to install Klaviyo in your Smile account here. For info on Klaviyo event payloads and when they're sent, see this article.

Set up Email Notifications with Klaviyo Flows

A Flow is an automated sequence that is set in motion by a specific trigger and then includes one or more steps. The events that Smile sends to Klaviyo can be used to trigger these flows.

📝 Pro Tip: Check out how to use Klaviyo’s Flows here.

To create a flow:

  1. Navigate to the Flow tab in your Klaviyo account and click Create Flow in the upper right corner of the window.

  2. Choose Create from Scratch. Give the flow a Name and add any Tags you would like then click Create flow. This will take you to the flow builder.

  3. With the Trigger selected, choose the Your Metrics tab. Some events will be found under Smile: Loyalty & Rewards, while others may be found under API. Select the event you want to use as the trigger.

    1. Optional: You can add Trigger Filters or Profile Filters to narrow down when the Event will trigger the flow.

  4. Click Save at the bottom of the right side menu. A pop-up will appear and you need to Confirm and Save.

  5. Add in any Logic you would like and then the Actions that you would like this Flow to trigger. And you’re done!

⚠️ Warning: Don’t forget to disable any notifications in Smile that you’re now sending through Klaviyo! Otherwise, your customers will receive double notifications. Follow the steps here to turn Smile notifications off.

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