How do customers redeem points?

Show your customers the different ways they can redeem their points for rewards.

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There are several ways customers can redeem their points for a reward. This article breaks down the various redemption options available to your customers.

Redeeming for a single reward: All plans (Free & Paid)

  • Customers can redeem rewards from within their panel by copying a code into checkout or applying the code to checkout from within the rewards panel

  • Customers need to have an account and be a Member to redeem points

Redeeming for multiple rewards: All Plans (Free & Paid)

  • Smile allows you to combine discounts and this is how customers can use multiple discounts for one order!

  • To learn how you can set up your rewards to combine you can check out this article

  • Customers can choose 1 reward by using Apply code within the Smile panel and the other reward has to be copied to the clipboard and applied at checkout

Redeeming at checkout using Smile's Checkout Extensions: (Growth & Plus plans, Shopify Plus only)

βœ… Must be on our Growth Plan or Plus Plan

βœ… Must be on Shopify Plus

βœ… Only fixed rewards can be redeemed at checkout - click here to learn more

Redeeming one reward at checkout:

βœ… Customers can still combine rewards with a checkout extension, one can be redeemed from within the checkout extension and one must be copied from the panel

Redeeming a combination of rewards in checkout:


  • Why didn't the incremental slider move and let me redeem fewer points?

    • The minimum number of points required to redeem must be at least as many points as your increment is based upon

  • Why are some of the rewards loading?

    • These aren't "loading". This icon shows the customer how close they are to getting that reward if they don't have enough points yet

  • I'm on the Growth Plan. Why can't I see the checkout extensions?

    • Check that you're using Shopify Plus, and if you are and still can't see them you may be on one of our legacy Growth Plans - you can speak to our team at and they'll help you pick a plan for your business!

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