How customers spend points on Shopify POS

Here's what we're covering:

  • How customers redeem points on Shopify POS
  • Note: this tutorial is only applicable to Shopify merchants.

    If a customer has points they'd like to redeem on a POS purchase, you can redeem them for them by locating the customer's account on Shopify POS.  You can do this by searching for their email address.

    Once you've found the correct customer, click on the three dots on the right of their customer screen.  

    Select "Redeem this customer's points" from the dropdown menu.  

    Select the coupon that the customer would like to redeem to apply it to the subtotal of their order. 

    I'm unable to redeem my customers points, help! 

    If you are unable to redeem your customers points, you may want to check your Points>Spending rules in Smile. If you do not have POS-specific Spending rules set up, you will be unable to redeem a customers points.

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