How customers spend points on Shopify POS

This tutorial will go over how to redeem a customers points for a reward using Shopify POS.

Note: this tutorial is only applicable to Shopify merchants. ✅

You'll first want to ensure that you have POS-specific spending rules set up, otherwise, customers will not be able to earn or spend points on Shopify POS.

1. Select the customer placing the order, you can do this by searching for their email address:

2. Select the item your customer is purchasing, then select view actions underneath the points balance on the right hand side:

3. Select an option from the available POS-Specific rewards:

After selecting a reward, you will see that the discount has been applied to the customers order.

Note: the minimum version of the Shopify POS app that can support this new extension are iOS v5.27.1  and Android v3.20.0.

If you are unable to use the above instructions to redeem your customers points, you may be on an unsupported version of Shopify POS. 

In this case, you can click the 3 dots on the upper right hand corner and select "Redeem this customer's points":

Then, select the coupon that the customer would like to redeem to apply it to the subtotal of their order:
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