In the Customers section of Smile Admin you will see three different tabs. Each of these segments the types of customers in your program:

  • All Customers
  • Members
  • Candidates

Here's what we're covering:

  • Definitions for the three types of customers


All Customers

This list is the total number of all Members and Candidates in your program.


These are the customers that are going to be able to interact with and use your loyalty program. They are defined as anyone who has a registered account on your store.

These customers can hold a points balance, refer friends, and redeem rewards.


These are customers who are not yet part of your program but have the potential to be. These are usually guest customers at your store who have not yet registered for an account. They may or may not have points balances waiting for them once they register, for example if you have imported points from another platform or loyalty program.

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