Parts of a Smile referral program

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The different components of a Smile referral program 

A Smile referral program is made up of 5 distinct parts:

      1. Dashboard

      Your Dashboard is where you can see an overview of your program.  This includes your program's Latest Referral Activity, Advocate reward, and Friend reward.

      2. Rewards

      The Rewards page is where you can edit and set your Advocate and Friend rewards.  You can also see how many times each of these rewards have been redeemed.

      3. Sharing Options

      Sharing Options is where you can set up your referral channels and website's referral message metadata.

      ✅ Unlock all available Sharing Option features on a Smile paid plan.

      4. All Referrals

      Your referral program's All Referrals page allows you to see which customers performed specific actions. You can also see when these actions were completed and which order they were associated with, or export your program data.

      5. Settings

      Settings is where you can enable or disable your referral program.  

      ✅ Set a custom domain on our Enterprise plan. 

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