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Shopify multiple currency display explained
Shopify multiple currency display explained

How Smile works with the Shopify multi-currency option

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This feature is only available for merchants on Shopify

Shopify's multiple currency option allows merchants, like yourself, to sell to your customers while displaying your prices in your customers' local currency so they can easily understand how much it'll cost! In this article, we'll be going over how this works with Smile.

How to use Shopify's multiple currency option with Smile

The Shopify multi-currency option is best viewed as a currency converter, rather than fully accepting multiple currencies. This means that your store will still have a base currency (GBP, USD, EUR, etc.)

Multiple currency gives your customers the option to view the prices in their local currency, but when it’s accepted into your site, it gets converted into your base currency then deposited to your account. Shopify also sends the order details to us in the base currency under the Order API. So because of this, Smile will continue to work on your store with the multi-currency.

One thing to note is that Smile itself will only display in one currency. If your base currency is in GBP, then the customers will see the points earning rule as “X points per £1 spent”, and discounts, such as “£10 off discount” as well will be in the base currency, which is similar to how Shopify handles non-Smile discounts with multi-currency. (See: ) This does mean that the value of a fixed amount discount can vary day-by-day as currency valuations fluctuate.

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