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Display customization overview

Understand available customizations and personalizations for the Smile theme, rewards panel and launcher/button

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Having a consistent look and feel is important to building a brand. You can configure many aspects of Smile on the free plan (color, positioning, etc.) but can truly unlock additional capabilities with any of the Smile paid plans to build a program that reflects your brand community.



The Theme section is where you can make changes to all of the visual elements of your program. This includes:

  • Brand colors

  • Shapes

  • Wallpapers

  • Banner images

  • Launcher placement and visibility

Learn more about how to modify these elements here.


The Panel section is where you can customize the specifics of your customer panel. This includes:

  • The way program cards are ordered within your Panel

  • Descriptions and titles for each of your program cards

  • Your account creation button, title, and descriptions

  • Earning and Rewards icons

📝 Pro Tip: You can edit each of these elements for both Visitors and Members to maximize every customer’s desire to join!


The Launcher section is where you can make changes to your Launcher’s layout, such as adding icons and text.

Learn more about setting up your program Launcher or changing the visibility and position of the Smile Launcher.

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