✅ This feature is available on a Smile paid plan

In order to optimize your customer experience, you can select where your program's Launcher appears on your site. You have the option to change these settings for both the Desktop and Mobile experience.

For visual learners, we have a video tutorial to help better understand placement of the launcher:

This is done under Branding > Theme > Placement on your Smile Dashboard.

Choose whether you would like your Launcher to appear on the right or left side of your site by clicking the Placement drop down menu.

You can also adjust the side and bottom spacing between your Launcher and your customer’s window using the Spacing menu.

Once you have saved your changes, your customers will see your Launcher displayed on the appropriate location on your website.

📝 Pro Tip:

Consider where other elements are located on your website. If you have most of your text on the left - position your Launcher on the right so that it's easier for customers to see and interact with.

Note: The position of the launcher on mobile will only reflect the "Left" or "Right" placement. Padding added on desktop does not apply on mobile.

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